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 We assemble a variety of items for delivery to the area hospitals.  All items are crafted by our volunteers and are finished with a Threads of Love Label.

ALL completed packets are accompanied by a small prayer card, printed in English and Spanish, to let the recipients know of God's love for them.  Our mission is to share His love with those in need, not simply to dress babies!



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Bereavement Items

We have several bereavement items we provide for families grieving the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death all hand crafted with the goal of providing a little comfort at a very difficult time.

Our burial gown packets specially sized for babies from 1/2 pound and smaller to full term.   They give the family the ability to dress even the littlest angel in an appropriate-sized gown for viewing and/or burial.  The packet contains a gown, blanket and hand-made bonnet or cap.

We also have various other items such as Memory pouches and special wrappers for miscarriages or early stilbirth.

Bereavement Gown


Hats, Booties, Blankets and Other Yarn Crafted Items

Yarn Items

Our knitters and crocheters are always busy at work producing a variety of items in all sizes and colors.  Each of our garment packets contains a hand-crafted hat.  We also provide loose hats with a hang-tag prayer card.   Blankets are accepted in sizes 20" square to crib sized.  Most designs are acceptable, and we have guidelines and patterns for the 'preemie' sized hats and booties.  Use the "Contact" form to request a pattern book, or visit the "Links" page for websites that offer free knit and crochet patterns. 


The 'Snuggly' is a hooded pad that is made from flannel and quilted for softness and warmth.  It is used to swaddle the infant to provide a feeling of security.  The straps can also be used to restrain little arms that pull on the tubing and wires that are often needed for the NICU babies.  Snugglies are easy and quick to make up and are always a favorite item with the NICU nurses.




Guardian Angel Dolls

Guardian Angel

 Made from soft flannel, these precious blanket dolls are similar to our Lovie Dolls and may be used in the same manner to promote early bonding and comfort.  The blanket dolls are very easy and great for beginner sewers.  We also have a crocheted version of the angel doll.

Isolette Covers

Our isolette covers are used to provide darkness and solitude for the babies in the NICU.  The darkness and quiet encourage deep sleep which helps the babies to grow and heal.  Some are made with a solid color backing for babies born addicted to drugs who may be experiencing the symptoms of withdrawal and are extra sensitive to light and noise.  The bright printed top side helps bring color into the NICU to cheer staff and parents.  The covers are especially sized to fit the isolettes and have button-up flaps to ensure easy access into the isolette for staff, or to let in more light when needed.  Isolette covers are a great project for quilters!

Isolette Cover

Taggies and Other Blankets


"Taggies" are blankets made with ribbons sewn in around the edges.  When the babies get big enough, they love to spend some 'tummy time' on these blankets, grabbing for the ribbon loops.  It's great exercise for them and the blankets are so cute too.  We also make other blankets which are given to the families to take home.  Any type of blanket is welcomed - knit, crocheted, quilted, etc as long as it is hand made.  The general size is anywhere from 14" square for a small receiving blanket to 50X40 for the larger blankets that can be used over the isolette.

Other Items

Other items include:

  • Bonnets in all sizes for bereavement packets
  • Special holiday themed items
  • Other specialty items as requested
    by our hospitals - if your facility has a
    special need let us know!
Other Items



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"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born you were consecrated." Jeremiah 1:5
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